About us

About us

My name is Candida, I am the youngest of the three heirs of Cecchi de 'Rossi’s family.

In 1983, after earning a degree in Pedagogy and followed a course of Bilioteconomia at the Vatican School, I went back to look after the family business.

In 1987, spurred on by my brothers, I started the business of the farm holidays. Since then, we share with our guests the importance of the ancient traditions, giving them a holiday of tranquillity on the Tuscan countryside.

I’ll be more than happy to accompany you on a guided visit to our Cantina (wine-cellar) where you can taste a good glass of wine or to the Coppaia, a cellar where the olive oil is stored in traditional, antique earthenware jars called "coppi".

If you visit us during the months from September to February, I’ll be more than glad to show you our Vinsantaia, a room purposely dedicated to the natural process of using air to dry the bunches of the white grapes used to produce the delicately flavoured D.O.C. “Tre chiodi” Vinsanto.

I wish you a good stay at the farm Marzalla.

Our products

Cecchi de’ Rossi family owner of “Villa Guardatoia”, a 17th century villa which is a historically listed building due to its history and scenic landscape, run this farm that mainly produces extra virgin olive oil, red and white wine, Vinsanto (dessert wine) and honey. The excellent quality of this products is the fruit of the physical characteristics of the soil, together with the dedicated professionalism and experience developed over the years by the Cecchi family.

The guiding philosophy is first and foremost based on the quality of the land, a goal which is achieved while paying close attention to the surrounding environment. Since 1998, as part of this philosophy, the Marzalla Farm Complex has adopted a programme of integrated pest management for its herbaceous crops, which minimises the use of chemical fertilizers and recycles vegetable waste, therefore using only a minimum amount of pesticides – exclusively copper-sulphate based – and only natural fertilizers. Crop rotation and leaving certain areas of the farm uncultivated encourage the repopulation of species of birds, useful insects and natural predators.

All products produced by the Azienda Agricola Marzalla are available for purchase directly from the farm. We also offer a service of preparing delicious gift-boxes for presents or special occasions, which can be sent anywhere in the world via Express Mail delivery service.

If you are interested, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to give you more details, also as regarding the delivery charges.