Vin Santo "Tre Chiodi"

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The DOC Vinsanto Bianco della Valdinievole is an amber wine made from Trebbiano Toscano (70%), Malvasia del Chianti (25%) and Vermentino (5%) grapes.
The best bunches are carefully selected from the plant at just the right degree of maturity for the accumulation of sugars, high acidity and polyphenols and catechins.
The perfectly healthy grapes, with a thick and resistant pericarp, are hung vertically on special supports in the so called "Vinsantaia" (winery) to be dried naturally for four months.
Once a high concentration of sugars has been reached along with a decrease in acidity and tannins, the grapes are again carefully selected, crushed and placed in oak and chestnut casks to ferment slowly with native yeasts and where they will continue to age and mature for at least three years.
They are then bottle-aged for another two years.

Vinsanto Tre Chiodi has a bright appearance with golden and amber reflections of varying intensity depending upon the vintage.
The proper percentage of alcohol highlights the aroma of the dried grapes with delicate notes of dried fruits and flavourings that are not overwhelmed by the wood used in the casks.
It has a soft flavour and pleasant structure that is clean and fresh due to its gentle acidity, fully respecting quality Tuscan Vinsanto: perfect for expressing warm hospitality or provoking flavourful meditations.
Traditionally, Vinsanto is combined with biscotti, cakes and tarts from any season.
Our Vinsanto is packaged and sold in 50 cl bottles.