Grappa di "Vinsanto" i Tre chiodi

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From specialized, implanted Vineyard in 1994, with 3.700 plants, on the surface of one hectare; on land of compact, argillaceous type, along declivities exposed to South, South-West, with vitigni: Trebbiano from Tuscany (70%), Malvasia of Chianti (25%) and Vermentino (5%).

The vinacce, from which the Vinsanto has been extracted, gets taken to the Distillery “DETA” in Barberino Val d’Elsa. With the method of continuous vapour/vacuum-distillation, the grappa of Vin Santo “Tre Chiodi” gets produced. It is crystalline and smooth to the taste, not letting you feel its 40 degrees of alcohol. The aroma is delicate, tenuous, perfumed with almond. The temperature of service is 10-12°, the advised glass is the tulip. Classic is a glass at the end of a meal. Less traditional is to add a few drops to a sheep-ricotta or a kaki and walnut sauce. Even better: for dipping an antic Tuscan cigar into or for flavouring a good Italian espresso.