White Wine IGT of Tuscany" Villa Guardatoia"

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The “Villa Guardatoia” Bianco IGT Toscano wine is made from Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia del Chianti and Vermentino grapes. Production is limited to approximately 700 Bordeaux-type bottles.

The wine has a slightly amber colour, is delicately fragranced and has a restrained acidity. It should be chilled for drinking and is suitable as a traditional white wine for accompanying everyday light meals.

DOC White Wine of Tuscany "Villa Guardatoia"

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This wine is made from the best Trebbiano Toscano (70%), Malvasia del Chianti (25%) and Vermentino (5%) grapes.
It is Tuscan spurred cordon trained and integrated pest management is used. Fermentation is done in stainless steel vats and after 7-8 months it is ready to be bottled in Bordeaux style bottles and sold after ageing a few months.

The Villa Guardatoia "Valdinievole" DOC White wine is yellow, tending towards straw yellow, and light golden. It has a generous alcohol percentage and a pleasant aroma with hints of fruit and flowers.
In the mouth it is dry, harmonious, pleasantly persistent and has limited acidity.
It is a wine to be enjoyed chilled, suitable for the traditional white wine combinations: starters, soups, vegetables, grilled fish and shellfish. It can also be enjoyed with a vegetable pizza or the renowned giant asparagus of Pescia, cooked al dente.
It should be served at 10°C.